Batpony Fluttershy with black streaks in her mane, her mane is messy and she is wearing eyeshadow. She is angry-neutral. Her fangs are sticking out.
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Q&A in order of importance

Question Answer
Q: Who is this site for? A: Me, actually to be honest. I deal with a lot of depression and I have to constantly remind myself what I've done and why I should keep going. My memory isn't getting any better lately.
Q: I'm not hearing music I heard there's music...? A: *sigh* Welcome to modern internet browsers, heres a tutorial on how to enable the audio. Here for Firefox Here for Chrome Here for Edge Here for Opera
Q: Is this your first website? A: Absolutely not, this is probably my 14th, I've done a lot of web "experiences" over the years. This is just my 2nd or 3rd personal site, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
Q: How did you learn hacking? A: Gameshark and Action Replay, then later on mysqli injection, HackSys's stuff, ollydbg and messing around with stuff I shouldn't have. (stay safe)
Q: Who does the graphics for your site? A: I do all of it.
Q: Can you teach me ___? A: Perhaps. It depends if you're willing to learn really. I don't teach traditionally.
Q: Can we be friends? A: Yes. Twitter Spacehey Tumblr
Q: Why are you documenting flashcarts? A: Nobody else did.
Q: Why is Fluttershy like that? A: That's my Kinsona.
Q: What's with the ponies? A: What do you mean.

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, please message me on my Spacehey and I will gladly answer + add it.

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