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* Journal Entry: #00
* Entry Title: "Yet another website."
* Mood: Discontent
* Date of creation: 6/22/2022
Batpony Fluttershy with black streaks in her mane, her mane is messy and she is wearing eyeshadow. She is angry-neutral. Her fangs are sticking out.
Well, here I am 2022, making another static HTML website, feels good actually.

To be honest I was inspired by Martin Korth's site:

The site is pretty html-only. I had been working on a NDS flashcart reference page that was also pretty HTML-only.

Now I actually do know CSS, and use it quite a lot but I find it abusable.

I'm going to try to minimize my use of CSS and JS throughout this site's lifetime and only use it where it counts.

The point of this site's design is not to be outdated but to be readable and if readability means I have to be outdated, so be it.

All I request is that you understand to never use this site as a reference for what to do in production, unless you're looking at pages specifically deisgned to be tutorials or tips. Such as the HTML, CSS, PHP, & JS page.

To be honest I think the web is a dumpsterfire of obnoxious complexity. But that's just my two cents.

Overall looking forward to feedback with this design and site.

Thank you!

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