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* Entry Title: "Video games that don't exist I generated with AI."
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* Date of creation: 6/22/2022
Batpony Fluttershy with black streaks in her mane, her mane is messy and she is wearing eyeshadow. She is angry-neutral. Her fangs are sticking out.
You know, I'm usually not a fan of new technologies, unless they're something interesting. Especially when it comes to how I've seen machine learning be used, but this one really stuck out differently from the rest.

The day is 6/19/2022. I'm browsing social media when I come across a website called inferkit. I don't understand how it works so I punch some random shit in.

"Write me a forum post from 2006 about [redacted person] and why you hate them."

The result was astounding, not only did it capture the writing of the era, it genuinely felt authentic, it felt like I had read a message that was typed out on a blackberry.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with these wikia pages of fake games, that don't exist, they peaked my interest, it felt like another universe to me, in which these games existed and were published and genuinely thought out and developed.

Not only was I obsessed with video game fanons, I was also obsessed with hypothetical ports, seeing stuff like openlara would've blown my mind as a kid as I was always obsessed with the idea of a modern videogame being ported to less powerful hardware, "Demade" if you will but also just ports in general.

Well to satisfy my autism, I relieved that experience with this AI. Here's a few generations.

Link to the A.I.

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