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   Part.1 Install Kernel and Game
1. Please download the newest kernel for our website, and explode it. Then Copy the files named "_DS_MENU.DA","_DS_MSHL.NDS" and "_DS_MENU.INI", the folder "_system_" and "_system_" to your microSD card.

2. Explode or Copy *.nds files from the *.rar or *.zip files that you downloaded to your microSD card.

3. If you want upgrade your R4i Neo kernel in the future, then you can do like install kernel.

   Part.2 Run NDS Games
1. Make sure microSD card with Kernel is inserted in R4i Neo, then insert R4i Neo in NDS  SLOT-1 port.

2. Turn on NDS, Touch the  “GAME" The first icon) to enter Game GUI; Press 'START' to go back to main menu.

3. There is a file list on the top screen, and the detail of game that you choose. Press 'A' button or touch screen to run this game.
   Part.3 Extended Function
Scale-lightness adjustment

Scale-lightness adjustment is available to the DS Lite console by touching the sunny icon at the top left corner of game interface. (Not available to DS console, the sunny icon will turn to be gray if it is DS console.)

Soft Reset

At the right top of the touch screen it is the "Soft Reset"; Red indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is off; Green indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is on. The users may point on the touch screen or press "R" button to switch the "Soft Reset" On/Off.

While the "Soft Reset” function is on, pressing "L+R+A+B+X+Y” can go back and forth to the game's main menu; Please do not do this while saving, as it will lead to malfunction, It is recommended to go back to main menu before you function the "Soft Reset".

If the error occurs on running games, please try to turn off the "Soft Reset".


Copy cheat.dat to folder "_system_" and replace the original one. Select one game on the upper screen and enter "Setup" to enable cheat.

Touch button "[Y]Cheat"  under game detail or press Y button to open cheat menu.

Select cheat in cheat menu and Touch button "[X]Enable" to enable a cheat or button "[X]Enable" to disable it. Touch button "[A]SAVE" to save all changes and quit the cheat menu. Now you can enter game with cheat enable.

   Part.4 Multimedia
1. In the main menu, Touch the "Multimedia"(The second icon)to Entre MoonShell System。

2. MoonShell will display files on microSD card with file list. Press UP/DOWN button to move the cursor to choose the file you need. And you can press A to the sub-folder, or Press the B button to be back.

3. Choose the *.txt *.mp3 *.jpg *.dpg files and press the A button to open.
   Part.5 Boot SLOT-2 (GBA)Flashcard
R4i Neo will be used as a passme card, to boot the SLOT-2 flashcard for running NDS or GBA game. If you want to use this function, please insert the SLOT-2 flashcard to SLOT-2 port, and Turn on NDS. Then Touch Button "SLOT-2" (The Third icon) in the R4i Neo Main Menu.

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